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UpBeat - Artists on the Rise: Lucid Q - Bouyon Nation

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UpBeat – Artists on the Rise: Lucid Q

In this series, BouyonNation will be putting the spotlight on the most promising up and coming producers, vocalists and instrumentalists that Dominica has to offer.

In our very first feature, Jeremiah Lawrence, who now goes by the stage name Lucid Q, previously AXYLUM,  shares his musical roots, production process, biggest role models, plans for the future, and his most recent works.

Jeremiah Lawrence, known as Lucid Q, from Portsmouth, Dominica. Credit: BJB Photos

Jeremiah is 18 years old, and currently in his final year of high school at the St. John’s Academy. He grew up in central Portsmouth with his parents, before settling in Picard. In addition to his artistic prowess, being a longstanding member of the school band, he is also an avid athlete, having represented his school and various sports competitions, including athletics, football and basketball.

How did you get started?
“I used YouTube to try and learn the basics and then I branched off from that.” Jeremiah says that he actually taught himself the basics using
video tutorials and then started experimenting and finding his own sound. Like any true artist, he’s not satisfied with the level of quality he’s
producing at present, and is still learning, tweaking and fine-tuning his abilities. To date, though, one of his “most cherished songs which had the
best quality was XOXO”. You can listen to it below.

Who are your inspirations?

Juice Wrld’s death affected my lyrics drastically.

“Some of my inspiration are actually xxxtentacion, Future, DaBaby, and also Juice Wrld .” Along with a group of friends, Jeremiah performed “Lucid Dreams” by Juice Wrld last year at an Easter concert hosted by his school. Jeremiah told us that the death of  Juice Wrld affected his lyrics drastically. “I decided to change how I thought about music due to his death. Instead of using meaningless words I decided to make every word count and have a meaning.”

That one song was particularly poignant for him in the two years since its release. “Lucid Dreams definitely inspired me because unlike most of my friends, I could relate to this song in almost every way.”  The song also served as an inspiration for his current stage name, highlighting his attention to detail. “[Lucid] really stuck with me because I believe, and still believe, that I’m falling into insanity slowly but surely, and being aware of my surroundings but not acting on it is something I also do.” 

“The name Lucid Q comes from a combination of things really.” In addition to the connotations of lucidity, the letter Q is the 17th number in the alphabet, which represents the age Jeremiah really started getting recognition for his music and when he decided to take music seriously.

Who are your biggest supporters?
“My biggest supporters are my cousins, Berius and Jeydal, my close friends Joilene, Orlando, Jaiqe and Loic, my dad and my family friend Cliff from the US.” With such an extensive inner circle, it’s a small wonder how he has been able to hone his skills so quickly. 

Any aspirations for your music?
As he improves his craft, and gets more exposure, he plans to invest in top of line technology and software to take his music to the next level. “The software I was using was audacity. It’s considered to be the worst thing to use for recording music, but with my limited money I was not able to buy proper software. So I made what was considered bad good.”

Favourite collaborators?

“The only people I can think of for collaborators are the people who made the beats actually.” At the start of his journey, he mostly used free beats, but then began crediting producers, most notably Origami [insert link], to prevent copyright, but also to give recognition to the producers. So far, he doesn’t have any collaborative projects in his repertoire, but he’s currently open to musical partnerships.

His latest single is called Heart Made of Steel, give it a listen and leave your thoughts in the comments!

If you think you, or anyone else you know should be featured on UpBeat: Artists on the Rise, feel free to message us on our social media pages. Stay tuned for our next installment!


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