NEW RELEASE: Topherr ft. Shelly- “Work Dat Bumpa”
NEW RELEASE: Topherr ft. Shelly- “Work Dat Bumpa”

On the eve of the MasDomnik 2020 carnival launch, Topherr and Shelly deliver “Work Dat Bumpa” a captivating groovy soca track, sure to be a staple at fetes throughout the festive season.

“We wanted to release it on Friday so that fans can kick off their weekend with a song that is, what I would best describe as, intoxicating- it just makes you want to dance,” says Topherr, real name Jervonne Christopher. 

St. Lucian guitarist Dwight Florent starts things off with a riff almost akin to the popular AfroBeats sound from the continent.  Topherr comes in with a request for his dance interest, “I want you to work that bumpa, cause I have a little something for you.” He then concedes that “I know you have a little something too.” As the drumming crescendos and a chorus of background harmonies expertly arranged by ProducerDlo expand the sound, he cautions” gyal watch your boom boom in de road!”

Shelly then puts in his own request “turn around, turn around, let me see what you have at de back deh.” The Signal Band lead singer and former Junior monarch then expounds on his subject matter, with a bit of Regional appeal “Dominicans say boom boom, Jamaicans say batty, you say bumpa then you deh from Trini. ”

For him, the song is one that can “transcend boundaries, transcend borders- reach and appeal to the Regional and international markets.”

He says he sees the song getting a good reception, both in Dominica and beyond. 

Best known for hits such as “Ani Ba Yo Love” and “Local,” Shelly says this collaboration with Topherr is a long time coming. For his part, while working on the earlier versions of the song, Topherr says he knew that Shelly was the one person to compliment it with “his personality, energy, talent and most importantly exceptional writing skills.”

Dylan Lowe, popularly known as ProducerDlo produced the track, while Cecil “Tha WizZarD” Joseph Jr. mixed and mastered the single.  The song was recorded in Guadeloupe (Voodoo Studios) and Dominica (Dlo Studios). 

This is the third single from Topherr with more releases set for 2020. He first released the afro-fusion track “BIDIBIDIBAMBAM (African Queen)” in June of 2019 and that was followed by the groovy soca “Take It” in October 2019. 

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