Carlyn XP – Caribbean Colors (Soca 2020)
Carlyn XP – Caribbean Colors (Soca 2020)

Bouyon Queen Carlyn XP releases her second soca track for Carnival 2020 “Caribbean Colors”. Have a listen below and let us know what you think. 

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Verse 1

I come to show my colors

I represent the yellow, black, white, red and green

Seven Six Seven

Thats exactly, exactly what I mean

One thing in the Caribbean It doh matter where you from

Everybody there together

All ah we jumping as one 

Put your flags up in the air Wave it for the world to see

Represent the colors of the Caribbean family 


And jump up,wave up Everybody hands up

Show me your colors

Show me your colors

And jump up wave up Jump up wave up

Let me see your hands up Show me your colors (2x) 


On the road (Show me your colors)

Mascaraders (Show me your colors)

In the band (Show me your colors)

Wave your hand (Show me your colors)

Man and woman (Show me your colors)

Caribbean (Show me your colors)

Everyone (Show me your colors) 

Verse 2

Is plenty colors

So raise your flags high and let them all be seen

It doesn’t matter

Is carnaval so we colorizing everything

When we hit the streets I tell ya

Nothing gonna bother we

We just wanna have some fun and

Take a wine on somebody

We aint got who time to rest now

Cause is mass we come to play

Grab a flag ah telling you And represent your country 



Written by  Carlyn Xavier-Phillip

Produced by Cornell Phillip

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