About BouyonNation

Bouyon Nation

BouyonNation is a Dominican owned and operated online blog which the master-mind, Nigel Brewster, established to provide a central location for access to the musical landscape in Dominica and beyond. We seek to fulfill our mission through publishing reviews of events, songs, and music videos of artists within the scope of genres that piques the interests of Dominicans and the Caribbean. 

The name BouyonNation comes from the genre of music indigenous to the Caribbean Island of Dominica. It accentuates the fact that this music has become a staple in our culture and must form part of our identity as sons and daughters of the Caribbean. 

As this initiative takes flight, we hope to expand our portfolio beyond just reviews of events, songs, and music videos but to incorporate any reasonable means that will enable us to make a meaningful contribution to the music industry.


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